How to Pair 2 Tribit Speakers

Nearly all of Tribit Bluetooth speakers have the dual pairing function except the MaxSound Plus.  

If you have 2 Tribit speakers, do you know how to pair them? It is very easy, here is how to.

How to Pair 2 StormBox (XSound Go) Speakers

Step 1: Turn on both StormBox (XSound Go) speakers

Step 2: Hold the Bluetooth Button (at least 5 seconds) on speaker A until the tone comes on, then do the same to speaker B.

Step 3: Waiting for pairing. After step 2, you will see the blue indicators keep quick flashing, you need to wait for them to pair with each other. When you see Speaker A flashes blue slowly while Speaker B stays blue, that means you successfully pair them.

If you still do not know how to pair the StormBox (XSound Go) Bluetooth speaker, click here to watch the how-to video.