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TRIBIT X1 | Uns Earphones para te Surpreenderem!


Tribit Flybuds Unboxing + GIVEAWAY


LA CAJITA Tribit que tanto me ha sorprendido


Budget Wireless Headphones / Tribit Flybuds Review


The BEST Call Quality In True Wireless Earbuds? Tribit FlyBuds


How to use Tribit FlyBuds discount code on Amazon? #Tribit Flybuds


$50 and EXCELLENT SOUND! -- Tribit XFree Tune # Nicolas11x12 English


FlyBuds true wireless earbuds, The best Bluetooth in-ear headphones?

All-New Tribit FlyBuds True Wireless Earbuds Give Peak Performance, with Rich Bass, Immersive Sound, and Waterproof Design

FlyBuds are our latest offering, and follow on naturally from X1 wireless earbuds­­—which were an enduring global favorite. Now, the FlyBuds are set to become an affordable choice of wireless earbuds, especially for those who lead active, healthy lifestyles and play sports.
Unparalleled Sound Quality and ConnectivityFans of big beat will delight at the FlyBuds' satisfyingly rich bass and impressively immersive sound, and will appreciate their solid, fade-free connection thanks to powerful Bluetooth 5.0. What's more, Tribit FlyBuds pair effortlessly with any Bluetooth-supported device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.    Built for Endurance, Designed for Active LifestylesThe FlyBuds have been created to cope with the demands of today. Comfortable to wear, and fully waterproof and sweatproof, they are the perfect match for health-consciou…

My Favorite Waterproof Speaker Just Got Smaller! #TribitXSoundGo #PortableSpeaker #UnboxJunkie


How to Get Free EarBuds & Get Up to 50% OFF from Tribit FlyBuds Early Bird Promotion?

Good news to all! You could get New Arrival Free FlyBuds EarBuds & Get Up to 50% OFF from Tribit FlyBuds Early Bird Promotion

Here is about how to get that great deal.

1. Up to 50% off discount   

If you subscribe at our early bird page in the first 1700, you will have a chance to get up to 50% off code.
Early Bird Discount depends on who comes first:
First 1-300                           Get  50% OFF;
First 301-900                       Get  30% OFF;
Starting from the 901st      Get  15% OFF.

When this promotion ended on Sep 5, you will know your ranking if you subscribed at this page. All subscribers will get an exclusive discount code from us when the promotion ended, please mind we will sell the earbuds on Sep 9, so you could use your codes on Amazon from that day.

2. Get Free FlyBuds EarBuds

After subscribing, you will get your specific reference ID, this is used to share with your friends. It takes seconds for you to sharing, click the copy  button then click Facebook or Tw…

Tribit MaxSound Plus gives you bigger and louder sound

One of the must-have devices for the upcoming summer is a portable Bluetooth speaker. It's an excellent companion for night outs by a bonfire, days at the beach as well as picnics. They're also a great addition to just any home as they help you wind down while in your pool or working on your yard and your Smartphones speakers just can't cut it. The Tribit MaxSound Plus Speakeris an unbeatable choice for individuals looking for an all-round speakerthat delivers unmatched performance from the bath to the beach and everything in-between.
Tuned by experienced audio engineers, the Maxsound Plus speaker is painstakingly designed to deliver superior sound quality that turns any space into a theater. In addition, the excellent audio processing tech and powerful amplifiers bring out an audio experience that appeals to audiophiles and casual listeners alike.
Premium Sound in a Compact
The MaxSound Plus brings life to all music styles thanks to its enhanced audio capabilities. Compared …

Music on the go: Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker

At first thought, the Bluetooth speakers might not be the first thing that clicks on your market when considering portable electronics. But wait, when you think of it critically, millions of people across the globe now have a Bluetooth enabled audio players, the most common being their Smartphones. Unfortunately, Smartphone speakers are only equipped to create enough sound for just a couple of people sitting close to it. For you to get the best out of your Smartphone speaker, then you will need to pair it with a Bluetooth speaker. While you can find various Bluetooth speakers on the market. Tribit XSound Go speaker is one of the few best budget speakers that stand out.
A decade ago, the name Tribit meant nothing; however, in the last few years, this brand has managed to earn a top position when it comes to the production of the best portable Bluetooth speakers. Combining superior craftsmanship and unrivaled performance, this brand has produced fully portable speakers that deliver audio…

Tribit 360°Sound Blluetooth Speaker --Your Best portable Bluetooth Speaker in Summer 2019

If you are like most people, then you are probably looking to get the best value for every coin you spend on a Bluetooth speaker. Luckily, with the Tribit brand, you don’t have to break the bank to acquire audio speakers that bring forth a great sound quality in a rugged build. Tribit 360° waterproof Bluetooth speakers deliver superior quality, clear and room filling sound that is a delight for everyone. This makes it a perfect companion for outdoor lovers. Every outdoor adventure, whether at the beach, hosting BBQ party at your favorite picnic site or exploring the wilderness, needs a great soundtrack. Boasting of a compact, lightweight, and rugged design, the Tribit 360° audio speakers will be with you every step you take. Plus, this portable Bluetooth speaker is designed by a brand that believes that music listening should be an exciting experience for everyone regardless of where you’re at. To serve your needs, diligently, this best Bluetooth speaker is designed to immerse you in a …

Cheap $30 Bluetooth Speaker ANY GOOD? Underwater BASS TEST

Today we are feeling super happythis morning I'm about to visit myfamily back up in Maine. I can't wait ohyeah I can't wait we're driving up a thousand miles up to Maine having agreat time for the fourth of July I hopeyou guys have some cool plans in storetoo, but for this video we're gonna postup a little something-something with ourtribit X sound go Bluetooth speakerI've been in the process of reviewing this thing for like eight weeks straightand to tell you the truth it's been apleasant little surprise so let's run

Tribit wireless Bluetooth speakers and headphones

Tribit offers high quality speakers which are portable, durable, and offers wireless connectivity so that you can carry them along where ever you go. A portable speaker that comprises of all the qualities of a home theatre speaker is everybody’s dream. However, we fulfil such dreams by offering the best wireless Bluetooth speakers.
In our audio speakers’ range, we have 3 portable Bluetooth speakers; Tribit XSound Go, Tribit MaxSound Plus, and Tribit 360°. They have all the ingredients of Bluetooth home speakers, that give you a perfect sound quality. These speakers can be listed as top Bluetooth speakers due to its features. Each speaker comprises of a Bluetooth connectivity, a long-lasting battery, high quality drivers, and a waterproof design.
Waterproof design enables them to be used as an outdoor speaker for picnics and camping trips at beaches, lakes and other places where there is moisture.
The wireless speakers have a great sound quality and a rich bass. The sound is clear…