Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


Keeping the Noise Away

Tribit, always surprising the customers over the world with its wireless sound equipment solutions, presents the noise-canceling headphones as well. The main feature of Tribit QuietPlus active noise-canceling headphones is the exclusive Hybrid Noise Cancellation Technology. It consists of the dual surface microphones - feed-back and feed-forward - which can reduce surrounding noise. Only true and clear sound wherever you are: in your office, during the walk, at home, or on the train.

In the Depth of Music

With the technology of true High Fidelity sound, Tribit Active Noise-Cancelling headphones present the beauty of music at its best, carefully delivering the voice of each musical instrument and eliminating non-linear distortions. The deep bass adds to the full and balanced stereo sound. Tribit wireless noise-canceling headphones present the quality of concert hall performance for you alone, even in the busiest surroundings.


At Ease

These wireless headphones embrace your ears gently due to their comfort-fit ergonomics. Velour-touch surface of the foam cups makes them wonderfully pleasant to the earlobes. And the weight of Tribit ANC headphones is just 505g, which allows you to enjoy long-time wearing without feeling tired. And the battery life ensures that the time can be long indeed: up to 30 hours after the charging with the new trendy USB C port. The over-ear headphones are equipped with a built-in microphone for the hands-free calls for the most convenient use.

Unfolding the Tribit Story

When you don’t use your noise-canceling headphones anymore, fold them flat. They promptly turn into an elegant, almost-diamond-shape bundle that you can take everywhere. Thanks to 5.0 Bluetooth connection, you can quickly and fast pair these best cheap noise-canceling headphones with your devices any time you need them again and stay connected in the range up to 33ft. Put on the cute soft cups, choose your favorite track, and enjoy.


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