Tribit XSound Go - The best price for the true sound

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What all the music lovers want

If you’re fond of good music, you prefer to have it in the best possible quality. The good speakers should ensure that your music is delivered strictly the way it was recorded and without the noise and distortions, which may spoil your musical experience. The modern audio speakers can reproduce the voice of every musical instrument in the orchestra, at the same time protecting your ears from any excess sounds.

Comfort for the ears

XSound Go Speaker follows the sound protocol, which defines the delivery of the sound the truest to the way it was recorded, within the frequency limits which even the most sensitive human ear can perceive. This way, no part of your audio experience will be lost. Moreover, XSound Go music delivery also eliminates all the non-linear distortions of the sound. This allows delivering the melody line, purified from all the distortions and possible foreign noises. Thus, using the Tribit XSound Go is also healthier, because you don’t have to increase the volume in order to catch music more clearly in the mess of excess noise.


Fortunately, for the music lovers of today, there is no need to use the bulky sound systems to ensure the quality, since the creation of the wireless Bluetooth speakers. Presently, the best portable speakers are small, light-weighted, waterproof and wireless for your most convenience. You can carry Tribit XSound Go wherever you go, use it at any weather conditions, since they are extremely waterproof, and with any Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Everything has its price

But are the good Bluetooth speakers worth its price? The big brand’s solutions are not cheap. A set of Bluetooth speakers from the big brand company can easily cost you as much as $400-500.
But the portable Bluetooth XSound Go speaker will cost you more than 10 times less while its performance with true and balanced sound even at high volume (which is perfectly able to produce). That makes them maybe the best wireless speakers for their price. This mini Bluetooth speaker allows you not only listen to your favorite music in any environment but also never have to make a choice between the price and the quality.


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