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Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Keeping the Noise Away
Tribit, always surprising the customers over the world with its wireless sound equipment solutions, presents the noise-canceling headphones as well. The main feature of Tribit QuietPlus active noise-canceling headphones is the exclusive Hybrid Noise Cancellation Technology. It consists of the dual surface microphones - feed-back and feed-forward - which can reduce surrounding noise. Only true and clear sound wherever you are: in your office, during the walk, at home, or on the train.
In the Depth of Music

With the technology of true High Fidelity sound, Tribit Active Noise-Cancelling headphones present the beauty of music at its best, carefully delivering the voice of each musical instrument and eliminating non-linear distortions. The deep bass adds to the full and balanced stereo sound. Tribit wireless noise-canceling headphones present the quality of concert hall performance for you alone, even in the busiest surroundings.

At Ease

These wireless headphones embrace …

Welcome to visit us on CES2020 Las Vegas

Tribit Fans Meeting at CES2020 Las Vegas 
Hi Tribit Fans, 

We will attend CES2020 in Las Vegas during Jan 7 - Jan 10. New headphones and speakers will be shown at the event. We will hold on fans meeting there, every participant will have a chance to win a free product in new product giveaways from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM  for 4 days. 

We sincerely invite you to come for a visit at our booth during the event. We are waiting to see you there.

Our CES2020 booth information. Tribit Audio CES  DATE: Jan 7-10, 2020 BOOTH NO.: 36229 LVCC - South Hall 4

Location:  3150 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas.NV 89109, USA 
Best Regards,  Tribit Team

Tribit MaxSound Plus - Rock-Solid Portable Speaker

Out of the Box
After the small wireless speakers XSound Go, Tribit came out with its new product, Tribit MaxSound Plus, advertising it as the choice for those who need the enhanced sound with emphasized bass. This outdoor speaker looks a lot like XSound Go, but it’s a bit larger. Still, MaxSound Plus is a portable Bluetooth speaker, the size of an umbrella-case, and you can take this cute black box with rounded corners literally everywhere. The design with lesser logo is even more stylish.

 Photo from CNET
What Makes the Difference?
The different size, of course, is due to the widened capabilities of these wireless outdoor speakers. 24W power capacity allows MaxSound Plus to deliver the more rich and deep sound of high fidelity. The MaxSound Plus speaker enhances each musical instrument in recording, eliminating the distortions, and promising the sound of great clarity and volume. The two passive radiators help to produce low-end bass sound. You can always boost the bass with the XBass bu…

Tribit XSound Go - The best price for the true sound

Photo from CNET What all the music lovers want If you’re fond of good music, you prefer to have it in the best possible quality. The good speakers should ensure that your music is delivered strictly the way it was recorded and without the noise and distortions, which may spoil your musical experience. The modern audio speakers can reproduce the voice of every musical instrument in the orchestra, at the same time protecting your ears from any excess sounds.

Comfort for the ears XSound Go Speaker follows the sound protocol, which defines the delivery of the sound the truest to the way it was recorded, within the frequency limits which even the most sensitive human ear can perceive. This way, no part of your audio experience will be lost. Moreover, XSound Go music delivery also eliminates all the non-linear distortions of the sound. This allows delivering the melody line, purified from all the distortions and possible foreign noises. Thus, using the Tribit XSound Go is also healthier, becaus…

Tribit Stormbox -The full circle of sound outdoor

(Photo is from CNET) You’ll be surroundedFor the people who don’t imagine their life without music, it’s vitally important to own good Bluetooth speakers for their outdoor activities. The portable speakers Tribit StormBox with 360° Sound can guarantee you the best surrounding sound wherever you’re going. Living in the circle of the full-range sound of the best wireless speakers will definitely make life better. The right place is… everywhereThe wireless outdoor speakers Tribit StormBox can connect to any of your devices like smartphones, tablets, and so on. You can put it in your purse, or on your desk, or near the yoga mat where you’re doing your exercise. The guaranteed range of more than  66ft for the Bluetooth connection will allow you to enjoy the full freedom to move around.

Lonely walk or roaring party?The Bluetooth speakers StormBox 360° surrounding sound can satisfy many listeners as well as one music lover. So, if you arrange a terrific party, you can just place your Tribit por…