Cheap $30 Bluetooth Speaker ANY GOOD? Underwater BASS TEST

 Today we are feeling super happy this morning I'm about to visit myfamily back up in Maine. I can't wait oh yeah I can't wait we're driving up a thousand miles up to Maine having a great time for the fourth of July I hope you guys have some cool plans in store too, but for this video we're gonna post up a little something-something with our tribit X sound go Bluetooth speaker I've been in the process of reviewing this thing for like eight weeks straight and to tell you the truth it's been a pleasant little surprise so let's run through the basics of it and let's see if it's something that could be good for you too. first impressions out of the box it's very very small and is the main reason why I got this,because I wanted something more conducive for bringing places even sticking in small little pockets like a backpack and it did just the trick because we went up to grandfather mountain and did a little waterfall hike and this did just the trick it was perfect size for fitting in my backpack. And the funny thing is the base was enhanced by chucking it in my backpack it's not too intense of a base when it's out inside like a free air environment but I stuck it in my backpack walking on the trail. The base just came to life it's kind of funny though because with it in the backpack it feels like. It's way more bassy I can feel the vibrations coming through like my whole spine by Halla for its size It's not too too bad it has to 6 walk drivers with a passive radiator in the middle,so it tries it's best to keep up with the big boys but the reason really why I liked. It is because it's fully waterproof I stuck it in the waterfall was doing some like 100 Hertz base waves and it did just the trick it didn't fail and the back side has a nice little protected port which allows you to charge and plug in auxilary you can tell by how seated the flap is that this thing is definitely living up to its waterproof rating. They actually have a picture of it fully submerged in water so we'll go ahead and test that in this video a little bit later on but overall because of its small size and rugged design it's pretty damn durable.


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