Tribit MaxSound Plus gives you bigger and louder sound

One of the must-have devices for the upcoming summer is a portable Bluetooth speaker. It's an excellent companion for night outs by a bonfire, days at the beach as well as picnics. They're also a great addition to just any home as they help you wind down while in your pool or working on your yard and your Smartphones speakers just can't cut it. The Tribit MaxSound Plus Speaker is an unbeatable choice for individuals looking for an all-round speaker that delivers unmatched performance from the bath to the beach and everything in-between.

Tuned by experienced audio engineers, the Maxsound Plus speaker is painstakingly designed to deliver superior sound quality that turns any space into a theater. In addition, the excellent audio processing tech and powerful amplifiers bring out an audio experience that appeals to audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Premium Sound in a Compact

The MaxSound Plus brings life to all music styles thanks to its enhanced audio capabilities. Compared to rival brands, this model has a substantial improvement in sound quality. The MaxSound Plus sounds more even and well balanced. Also, it doesn't strain to deliver adequate bass. Its compelling sound profile amalgamates a pair of front-firing drivers that deliver a voluminous, natural, and more articulate sound.

20 Hours Playtime

Add a fresh breath of life to your outdoor expeditions with this best Bluetooth speaker . Do more and enjoy flexibility from the cords and wires confines with this Bluetooth speaker. The speaker offers you 20+ hours of playtime on a single charge. Combining louder sound and longer runtime, this speaker is juiced up to ensure that the party never ends.

Bigger and better

Besides coming in a larger, the MaxSound Plus speaker features decent design changes worth pointing out. First, the Tribit logo has been shriveled to a more tasteful size. Notably, the white lettering on its grill also looks more attractive. You guessed it right, the larger speaker's size and bigger drivers allow it to deliver more bass. Plus, it integrates an extra bass button, which rounds out the bass with a little more thump.

Seamless connectivity

Staying true to the simplicity and enjoyable audio experience, Tribit MaxSound Plus speaker features Bluetooth 4.2. This allows you to pair it with your tablet. Smartphone or PC in a split of seconds. The seamless connectivity offers you freedom of movement as you enjoy your favorite tunes Extended Portability

Whether you are planning a camping trip, a long trek or visiting a picnic site,Tribit MaxSound Plus brings you unbeatable portability. This wireless outdoor speaker comes in a compact design, this speaker doesn't take much of your backpack space. Plus, the speaker is equipped with a high capacity battery that gives you 20 hours of playtime. Better yet, it uses a USB cable to recharge, so if you are planning for longer expeditions, you simply need to carry a power bank.

Universal Compatibility

Our primary goal is to offer you premium wireless outdoor speakers that meet all your needs. With that being said, we protect each of your MaxSound Plus purchase with an extended replacement warranty and lifetime customer support. Plus, MaxSound Plus brings unrivaled compatibility with all Bluetooth enabled devices.


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