Music on the go: Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker

At first thought, the Bluetooth speakers might not be the first thing that clicks on your market when considering portable electronics. But wait, when you think of it critically, millions of people across the globe now have a Bluetooth enabled audio players, the most common being their Smartphones. Unfortunately, Smartphone speakers are only equipped to create enough sound for just a couple of people sitting close to it. For you to get the best out of your Smartphone speaker, then you will need to pair it with a Bluetooth speaker. While you can find various Bluetooth speakers on the market. Tribit XSound Go speaker is one of the few best budget speakers that stand out.

A decade ago, the name Tribit meant nothing; however, in the last few years, this brand has managed to earn a top position when it comes to the production of the best portable Bluetooth speakers. Combining superior craftsmanship and unrivaled performance, this brand has produced fully portable speakers that deliver audio quality and volume levels that none of their competitors can achieve. Being one of the initial models produced by this brand, the Tribit XSound Go Speaker lives to uphold the brand's primary vision of manufacturing outstanding portable speakers that excels in both design and superior sound quality.

Sound Quality

With the Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speaker, portability shouldn’t come at a compromise. Unlike most Bluetooth speakers on the market, the XSound Go speaker is a step above average when it comes to sound quality. The speaker is smartly designed to deliver superior sound quality that blows you away. The sound quality never drops off when playing the music at high volumes, making it a perfect pick for individuals looking to keep their outdoor parties lively all day and night.


Tribit XSound Go speaker also excel when it comes to design and look. Forget about the budget Bluetooth speakers that come in cheap plastic design; the Xsound Go Bluetooth speaker comes in a stylish and attractive look. The front side is covered completely with a sturdy aluminum grille and etched with a beautiful Tribit logo at the middle. Better yet, the speaker comes with a nice matte finish, making it even more attractive.

Battery Power

Keeps your party going day and night with the sizable 4400mAh battery capacity that delivers continuous playback for 24 hours? It doesn’t matter at which volume level or bass that you play your music, this portable Bluetooth speaker, keeps your party lively from dusk to dawn.


The Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth 4.2 connections doesn’t disappoint regardless of the streaming device you are using. Boasting of outstanding performance to support stable connection for streaming devices set in a spanning distance of up 66 feet, you can enjoy nonstop music in your backyard from your PC or home theatre without bringing it outdoors.

Compact yet powerful

Good things also come in small packages. Surprisingly, this compact speaker output a smooth and clear sound even when you crank the volume to its maximum. Pairing Dual six watt high-end drivers and high-performance passive bass radiator, the Tribit XSound Bluetooth speaker create rich bass, electrifying mids, and soaring highs to deliver unmatched sound quality.

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  1. Just received this speaker and Pandora sounds great. EDM is really clearly played. Thanks.


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